Building the Wall

It is no secret that there are some major issues with our immigration system. There are plenty of opinions on what needs to be done to fix our immigration system. However fixing the immigration system would be a waste of money and time if we do not secure our borders. Calling those that support the wall racists, and other derogatory names will not change the fact that securing the border is the first logical step in immigration reform.

What the wall will not do

Building a wall on the border will not prevent people from entering our country legally. Foreigners enter our country everyday on boats, planes, and cars legally everyday. Some do over stay their visas and become illegal immigrants. Building the wall will not stop this from happening. That is a shortcoming of our current immigration system that does need to be addressed.

What the wall will do

Building the wall will help to stop the criminals that can not get visas to enter the country from seeking over the border. That is the whole idea of building the wall. Once the wall is built we can focus on fixing the other issues with immigrations.

What we need to do

Us as citizens need to call, write, and email our representatives letting them know we want the wall fully funded. If our representatives do not listen to us then we need vote in someone that will listen and do their job and represent our wishes.

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