Immigration seems to be a touchy subject these days. Every time someone mentions deportations or immigration laws there seems to be immediate accusations of racism. The conversation on immigration and border security has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the law. We as US citizens can not choose what laws we wish to follow. Why should non citizens be allowed to choose what laws they follow and get reworded for it?

Detention at the border

When people are caught crossing the border illegally they are arrested. Families are separated (The president recently signed and Executive Order to stop this) and children are her separately until they can be put with other family members or sponsors. The process of reuniting families or even placing the children with a sponsor can take months. While I do not agree with separating families they did illegally cross the border knowing full well they could be caught. The simple fix for this is to build the wall.


Amnesty is another touchy subject. While it is illegal to enter the US without a visa the majority of illegal immigrants have not broken any other laws. In my opinion those that have entered the country illegally, that have not broken any other laws should be given a path to citizenship. Perhaps pay a fine and go to the end of the line behind those who have legally started the immigration process. Those illegal immigrants that have broken other laws and committed crimes in the US should be deported and banned from ever getting citizenship.

Immigration System

Our immigration system should be fully overhauled. Chain migration should be stoped along with immigration lottery. Strict guidelines for immigration should be put in place. Once changes are made the laws need to be fully enforced.

It That includes putting an end to sanctuary cities. Any public official whether they are a mayor or police officer, that willingly refuses to assist federal authorities in detaining and deporting illegal immigrants should be arrested and prosecuted. We may not agree with all the policies and laws regarding immigration but the fact remains we must follow the laws in place. If you do not agree with the laws contact your representatives and make your thoughts know. Encourage your friends to do the same. If you representative does not push for reform and vote for laws you agree with make your displeasure know at the ballot box. That is the beauty of living in a Constitutional Republic.

I’d love to hear your thought wether you agree or disagree with me. Leave a comment in the comment section below.

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