School Shootings

Every time I turn on the news there seems to be reports of another school shooting. There is always someone on talking about the need for more gun control and restrictions on what guns or magazines can be purchased. How about we look at actual measures we can take, instead looking for more ways to limit the rights of law abiding citizens.


Prevention should be the first consideration. The TSA uses metal detectors to check people and scanning machines to check bags. Why not install these in every school? Now I know there is a cost issue, but I am sure money could be raised to purchase the equipment. Each school could reduce costs by limiting the entrances people enter the building through. As for outside school activities such as football games handheld metal detectors can be used by security personnel or local police officers.

Arming Teachers

Several states have already passed measures to arm teachers. I do not see this as a bad thing. I do however think there should be some standard guidelines put in place.


As a CCW holder myself I think passing a CCW course is a good start. However I think most people would feel better if there was a more rigorous training regiment and qualification requirements that must be met before a teacher can carry a concealed gun on school grounds.

Armed Trained Professionals

An alternative to training and arming teachers would be to employ already trained people. This would include off duty police officers, trained security guards, and military veterans. On duty police officers would also be a great idea but not every city and town have the resources to deploy and officer to every school in their jurisdiction.

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