Cutting the Cord

Paying bills sucks. No one likes to pay bills.  It is even worse when you feel the bill is just too high for what you are getting..  Have you ever been sitting there watching tv and ask yourself why am I paying so much when there is never anything on?  I used to ask that at least once a month. There have always been ways to reduce your cable bill if you are willing to spend the time to do it.  Sometimes you could call and say you were canceling to see if you could get them to give you a deal.  I did this with U-Verse for a couple of years.  You could actually switch to another provider that was running a promotion for new customers only.  I did this every year for a while going between AT&T U-Verse and Time Warner Cable.  Doing this I could usually keep my bill below $200 a month, but it was always a pain to switch.


I have looked into cutting the cord several times over the years, but I just didn’t see a way to do it and still be able to watch the shows I like to watch.  A little over a year ago I had U-Verse again and my promotion ended taking my bill over $200 a month.   So I started looking into cutting the cord again.  I figured between Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix there are millions of shows and movies to watch, and I remembered that you could watch most shows on their networks website the next day or in some cases a week after they aired.   However when I went to verify it I found most networks started requiring you to log in with an account from a TV provider.    At that point I gave up again and called Time Warner to see what they could do for me.  I got a pretty good package that included 200 or so channels 100MBs internet, HBO, Showtime, and MAX for $130 a month.  I was happy with that so I gave  up on cutting the cord.


When my promotional period ended this time I did not want to deal with switching again.  I also did not want to start paying a $200+ cable bill.  Luckily I had been researching alternatives for a client that was building a new building.  Now I know that Direct TV is technically a TV provider, but their Direct TV Now is a streaming only service with no contract.  While I was researching them they ran a special that if you paid for 3 months in advance you would get a brand new Apple 4k TV.  I already had an Apple TV but I had just bought a brand new 4k TV for the living room, so I figured worse case I cancel the service after 3 months and still get a new Apple 4k TV out of it.   After only watching tv through the Direct TV NOW app for 2 weeks I called Spectrum and canceled my TV service.  I kept the internet obviously.  I still have Netflix but I now pay $70 for my internet service(I replaced the provided modem with one of my own.  Who wants to pay an extra $6 to rent a modem?) and $48 per month for the Direct TV Now service.  It would only be $35 per month but I added HBO for $5 per month and Stars/Encore for $8 per month.  It was cheaper to add it in to the Direct TV Now than it would be just subscribing to their respective streaming subscriptions.  I have to say that I am happy with the choice.

Have you cut the cord or are you considering it?  Let me know in the comments below.