James Comey Terminated

President Trump fired FBI directory James Comey on Tuesday. Comey was giving a speach in LA when he found out he had been fired. This could have been handled differently. Comey was the directory of the FBI, I would think that would at least qualify him to be fired face to face in private. Other than the way it went down I have to say it is about time.

Now the left is angry about Comey’s dismissal claiming that the President fired him due to the investigation in to supposed ties between the President and Russia. The statment by James Clapper on NBC’s Meet The Press on March 5th destroys this claim. James Clapper stated that “There is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia”. What I would like to know is when the Left is going to make up their mind whether they trust Comey or not. When he closed the investigation in to Hilliary Clinton’s email server with out charging her they loved him. When Comey reopened the investigation the Left was screening that he was incompetent and should be fired. Hilliary Clinton even directly blamed him for her losing the election at one point. Now that Trump has fired Comey the Left once again love him and are outraged calling Trump’s move an abuse of power and an attempt to intefer with an ongoing investigation. Of corse this is nothing more than the left trying to do anything they can to undermine Trump’s administration.

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