President Trump

Despite all all the crying, yelling, and riots Donald Trump is our next President. In providing full disclosure I did vote for Trump.  He was not my first choice but he won the Republican nomination.  Sofar he has has stuck to his promises.  We will have to see if that remains once he takes office.  Reading President-Elect Trump’s 100 day plan I am optimistic about the future of our country under Trump’s direction.  Through out the election Trumpsaid he was going to “drain the swamp”.  Basied on his 100 day plan it looks like he is really going to do it.  Reguardless of all the other issues this part of the plan may be the most needed and perhaps the best course of action for the american people.  If President-Elect Trump can get a Constitutional Admdndment passed imposing term limits on congress that would be the greatest first step in combating the corruption in Washington.  Don’t get me wrong the other issues are important, however it does not make any difference what progress President-Elect Trump makes on Imigration reform, Health Care, or with the Economy if he can not clean up Washington.  If President-Elect Trump does not succeeed in cleaning up Washington any part of his plan he tries to push through will mostlikely fail due to lack of support.  I guess only time will tell how successfull he will be.

Adam is a Husband, Father, Systems Engineer, and a Writer.


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